Sunday, March 14, 2021

Bracketology Sunday March 14th (updated as of 5:51 PM ET) 


Last Four Byes:  Virginia Tech, Clemson, Michigan State, Utah State

Last Four In:  UCLA, Drake, Colorado State, Saint Louis

First Four Out:  Louisville, Syracuse, Wichita State, Boise State

Next Four Out:  Ole Miss, Memphis, Seton Hall, Xavier

Seed List

1-Seeds:  Gonzaga, Baylor, Illinois, Michigan
2-Seeds:  Ohio State, Iowa, Alabama, Houston
3-Seeds:  Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas, West Virginia
4-Seeds:  Arkansas, Virginia, Purdue, Creighton
5-Seeds:  Florida State, Villanova, Tennessee, Colorado
6-Seeds:  Texas Tech, USC, LSU, BYU
7-Seeds:  Wisconsin, UConn, Missouri, Loyola Chicago
8-Seeds:  San Diego State, St. Bonaventure, Florida, Oregon
9-Seeds:  Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Rutgers
10-Seeds:  Maryland, VCU, Virginia Tech, Clemson
11-Seeds:  Michigan State, Utah State, Play-In (UCLA/Saint Louis), Play-In (Colorado St/Drake)
12-Seeds:  Georgetown, Oregon State, Winthrop, UC Santa Barbara
13-Seeds:  North Texas, Colgate, Abilene Christian, UNC Greensboro
14-Seeds:  Liberty, Ohio, Grand Canyon, Eastern Washington
15-Seeds:  Morehead State, Iona, Drexel, Cleveland State
16-Seeds:  Hartford, Oral Roberts, Play-In (Norfolk St/Appalachian St), Play-In (Texas Southern/Mount St. Mary's)

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Bracketology Monday March 8th (updated as of 9:19 PM ET) 

Last Four Byes:  Rutgers, Drake, Colorado State, Louisville

Last Four In:  Michigan State, Boise State, Saint Louis, Utah State

First Four Out:  Ole Miss, Wichita State, Seton Hall, Xavier

Next Four Out:  Syracuse, SMU, St. John's, Memphis

Moving In:  Michigan State, Boise State, Northeastern, Appalachian State, Bryant

Moving Out:  Seton Hall, Xavier, James Madison, Georgia State, Wagner

Seed List

1-Seeds:  Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Illinois
2-Seeds:  Iowa, Ohio State, Alabama, Houston
3-Seeds:  Kansas, West Virginia, Arkansas, Villanova
4-Seeds:  Texas Tech, Purdue, USC, Colorado
5-Seeds:  Virginia, Florida State, Creighton, Oklahoma State
6-Seeds:  Tennessee, BYU, Wisconsin, Texas
7-Seeds:  Loyola Chicago, Florida, Oregon, Oklahoma
8-Seeds:  St. Bonaventure, UConn, San Diego State, LSU
9-Seeds:  Clemson, Virginia Tech, Missouri, Georgia Tech
10-Seeds:  UCLA, North Carolina, VCU, Maryland
11-Seeds:  Rutgers, Drake, Colorado State, Louisville
12-Seeds:  Play-In (Boise St/Saint Louis), Play-In (Michigan St/Utah St), Toledo, W. Kentucky
13-Seeds:  Liberty, Winthrop, UC Santa Barbara, Colgate
14-Seeds:  South Dakota State, Southern Utah, UNC Greensboro, Morehead State
15-Seeds:  Northeastern, Cleveland State, Bryant, Siena
16-Seeds:  Hartford, Nicholls, Play-In (NC A&T/Appalachian St), Play-In (Prairie View/Utah Valley)

Friday, March 5, 2021

Bracketology Saturday March 6th (updated as of 10:29 PM ET) 

Last Four Byes:  Louisville, Drake, Rutgers, Colorado State

Last Four In:  Utah State, Xavier, Seton Hall, Saint Louis

First Four Out:  Boise State, Wichita State, Michigan State, Syracuse

Next Four Out:  Ole Miss, SMU, Memphis, NC State

Moving In:  Saint Louis, Southern Utah, Cleveland State, UNC Greensboro, Utah Valley, Colgate, Hartford, Morehead State

Moving Out:  Richmond, Eastern Washington, Wright State, Furman, Grand Canyon, Navy, Vermont, Belmont

Seed List

1-Seeds:  Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Illinois
2-Seeds:  Iowa, Ohio State, Alabama, West Virginia
3-Seeds:  Arkansas, Houston, Villanova, Kansas
4-Seeds:  Florida State, Texas Tech, Purdue, Colorado
5-Seeds:  Virginia, Texas, USC, Tennessee
6-Seeds:  BYU, Wisconsin, Creighton, Oklahoma State
7-Seeds:  Loyola Chicago, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon
8-Seeds:  St. Bonaventure, UConn, San Diego State, Missouri
9-Seeds:  LSU, Maryland, Clemson, Virginia Tech
10-Seeds:  Georgia Tech, UCLA, North Carolina, VCU
11-Seeds:  Colorado State, Louisville, Drake, Rutgers
12-Seeds:  Play-In (Xavier/Saint Louis), Play-In (Seton Hall/Utah St), Toledo, Western Kentucky
13-Seeds:  Liberty, Winthrop, UC Santa Barbara, Colgate
14-Seeds:  South Dakota State, James Madison, UNC Greensboro, Morehead State
15-Seeds:  Texas State, Southern Utah, Wagner, Siena
16-Seeds:  Cleveland St, Nicholls, Play-In (NC A&T/Hartford), Play-In (Prairie View/Utah Valley)

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Bracketology Monday March 1st (updated as of 1:00 AM ET) 

Last Four Byes:  Seton Hall, Richmond, Drake, Boise State

Last Four In:  Louisville, Xavier, Georgia Tech, Utah State

First Four Out:  Michigan State, Wichita State, Duke, Saint Louis

Next Four Out:  Minnesota, SMU, Stanford, Ole Miss

Moving In:  North Carolina, Georgia Tech, LSU, South Dakota State, North Carolina A&T, Navy, Nicholls, Western Kentucky

Moving Out:  Duke, Minnesota, Stanford, South Dakota, Norfolk State, Colgate, Abilene Christian, North Texas

Seed List

1-Seeds:  Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Illinois
2-Seeds:  Ohio State, Alabama, Iowa, Houston
3-Seeds:  West Virginia, Kansas, Villanova, Texas Tech
4-Seeds:  Florida State, Arkansas, Purdue, Tennessee
5-Seeds:  Colorado, Virginia, Creighton, Purdue
6-Seeds:  Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, San Diego State
7-Seeds:  Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, USC, Maryland
8-Seeds:  St. Bonaventure, Clemson, UConn, Oregon
9-Seeds:  LSU, VCU, UCLA, Missouri
10-Seeds:  Colorado State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Arizona
11-Seeds:  Seton Hall, Richmond, Drake, Boise State
12-Seeds:  Play-In (Xavier/Georgia Tech), Play-In (Louisville/Utah St), Belmont, W. Kentucky
13-Seeds:  UC Santa Barbara, Wright State, Toledo, Winthrop
14-Seeds:  Furman, Navy, Liberty, Vermont
15-Seeds:  Eastern Washington, Grand Canyon, South Dakota State, James Madison
16-Seeds:  Siena, Texas State, Play-In (NC A&T/Nicholls), Play-In (Prairie View/Wagner)

Thursday, February 25, 2021

 Bracketology Thursday February 25th (updated as of 10:18 PM ET) 

Last Four Byes:  Drake, Minnesota, UConn, St. Bonaventure

Last Four In:  Louisville, Seton Hall, VCU, Arizona

First Four Out:  North Carolina, Wichita State, Michigan State, Georgia Tech

Next Four Out:  Xavier, Utah State, Ole Miss, St. John's

Moving In:  North Texas, Furman, Arizona, VCU, St. Bonaventure

Moving Out:  Western Kentucky, UNC Greensboro, North Carolina, Syracuse, Saint Louis

Seed List

1-Seeds:  Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Ohio State
2-Seeds:  Illinois, Alabama, Villanova, West Virginia
3-Seeds:  Iowa, Houston, Florida State, Kansas
4-Seeds:  Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Arkansas
5-Seeds:  Texas, Oklahoma, Creighton, USC
6-Seeds:  BYU, Virginia, Purdue, Florida
7-Seeds:  Rutgers, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Missouri
8-Seeds:  Maryland, Clemson, Boise State, Loyola Chicago
9-Seeds:  Oregon, Duke, Virginia Tech, San Diego State
10-Seeds:  Colorado State, UCLA, Richmond, Stanford
11-Seeds:  Drake, Minnesota, UConn, St. Bonaventure
12-Seeds:  Play-In (VCU/Seton Hall), Play-In (Louisville/Arizona), Belmont, UC Santa Barbara
13-Seeds:  Toledo, Abilene Christian, Wright State, Colgate
14-Seeds:  Liberty, Furman, Winthrop, North Texas
15-Seeds:  Grand Canyon, James Madison, Eastern Washington, Vermont
16-Seeds:  Siena, Texas State, Play-In (S. Dakota/Norfolk St), Play-In (Prairie View/Wagner)

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Welcome to the first bracketology post of 2021! While last year ended on a disappointing note with the pandemic cancelling the NCAA Tournament, we're excited at the prospect of having the Field of 68 selected this year. A quick administrative note for our absence thus far this season, but we're thrilled to announce a new addition to the MFM Family - a healthy baby boy on December 5th, 2020. Undoubtedly a huge college basketball fan in the making.

Given that this year's field will be played entirely in Indianapolis, we'll submit seed lists only up until Selection Sunday, then submit a full bracket for our final projection. As always, we love to hear feedback and friendly banter on our projections.

Bracketology Sunday February 21st (updated as of 3:32 am ET) 

Last Four Byes:  Stanford, Drake, Duke, Saint Louis

Last Four In:  Connecticut, Minnesota, Richmond, Seton Hall

First Four Out:  Louisville, Xavier, St. Bonaventure, Wichita State

Next Four Out:  VCU, Ole Miss, Utah State, St. John's

Seed List

1-Seeds:  Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Ohio State
2-Seeds:  Illinois, Iowa, Alabama, West Virginia
3-Seeds:  Virginia, Villanova, Florida State, Oklahoma
4-Seeds:  Houston, Kansas, Texas Tech, Tennessee
5-Seeds:  Texas, Wisconsin, Creighton, Missouri
6-Seeds:  Arkansas, Purdue, USC, BYU
7-Seeds:  Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Florida, LSU
8-Seeds:  Oklahoma State, Oregon, Clemson, Colorado
9-Seeds:  Loyola Chicago, San Diego State, UCLA,  Boise State
10-Seeds:  Colorado State, Maryland, North Carolina, Syracuse
11-Seeds:  Stanford, Duke, Drake, Saint Louis
12-Seeds:  Play-In (UConn/Minnesota), Play-In (Richmond/Seton Hall), Belmont, W. Kentucky
13-Seeds:  Toledo, Wright State, UC Santa Barbara, Winthrop
14-Seeds:  Liberty, UNC Greensboro, Abilene Christian, Colgate
15-Seeds:  Siena, James Madison, Eastern Washington, Vermont
16-Seeds:  Wagner, Grand Canyon, Play-In (S. Dakota/Norfolk St), Play-In (Prairie View/Texas St)

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Bracketology Saturday March 7th (updated as of 11:49 am ET) 

Last Four Byes:  Indiana, Oklahoma, Purdue, USC

Last Four In:  Wichita State, Stanford, Richmond, Utah State

First Four Out:  Northern Iowa, Cincinnati, Arkansas, Texas

Next Four Out:  Arizona State, Mississippi State, NC State, Memphis

Moving In:  Richmond, Winthrop, Bradley

Moving Out:  Northern Iowa, Radford, Indiana State